About us 
Every traveller is different and we understand that. By carefully selecting and curating our trips and experiences to suit your preferences and lifestyles, we hope to customise your dream holiday and perhaps even inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and kick-start your own adventure. Adventure carries different meaning to different people; nothing is too mild or extreme.

A vacation isn’t a vacation until you feel completely rejuvenated and ready to face your daily challenges with a renewed purpose of life. 
Our desire is to provide our members with authentic local experiences yet at the same time minimising the negative social and environmental impacts that travel brings about. We hope to bring economic benefits to the host communities, and preserve the cultural and natural resources of the destinations that we visit.  

Our Vision
Introduce and Connect our interest with the outdoors we love, in a sustainable and responsible way.

Our Mission
To make it easily accessible for all our members to book any trips or activities of their interests, anytime and anywhere.

Why us
We believe in bringing like-minded travellers together, doing the things we love doing. Whilst doing so, it is important to make sure that the setting is small and intimate. Our trips are designed based on small group departures of not more than 18 people at any one time. This allows us to provide the best level of service and attention to our members, which is what they truly deserve.

We will give back to Mother Nature by planting a tree for every Wander Collection trip we operate. This is our little way of protecting the world we live in.

The Wanderers
 Meet Sheryl, a fan of the outdoors... just don't ask her to jump into a river anytime soon! Sheryl is more of a land animal than a sea creature and feels more at ease up in the mountains than being in water. However, throw her a kayak anytime (with life vest of course) and she will be able to handle it (quite well). Being in Singapore Polytechnic's Outdoor Adventurers Club during her teenage years has shaped her to who she is today by equipping her with many life skills that are not taught in the classroom. It is this passion for the outdoors that encouraged her to step out of her high level comfortable job into the unknown. 

Sheryl's a night owl too. Her brain goes into overdrive once the sun sets and that's when she is most productive. That being said, do not date her before 10am!

Sheryl also believes that as long as we live, we are learning something new every single day. She is always willing to share her knowledge and experience in the tourism sector with anyone who is interested to find out more. It is this belief that lead her to take proper certification to become an industry trainer.

In Sheryl's words: "There is no such thing as the right time; and never say never because you never know. The outdoors can be as fashionable and as chic, believe in us and you will be transformed!"

Reach out to Sheryl at sheryl@travel-wander.com if you want to find out more!

 Meet Mabel, an avid dragon boater who has a fear of being in deep waters... how ironic! Since young, Mabel has been exposed to the outdoors and many sports by her dad, from cycling to swimming to roller blading. She is a jack of all sports, but a master of none, until she found her love for dragonboating.

Things took a back seat when Mabel decided to focus on her studies and career after graduating from school. Fast forward to today, she realised that her real passion lies in being out in the sun, enjoying the beauty of mother nature. And it is this passion and love for the outdoors that gave her the courage her to step out to do something out of her comfort zone... and she is loving every single moment of it!

Being a huge nature and animal lover, Mabel wants to make travel sustainable to preserve Mother Nature for the future generations to come; and also be responsible to the animals that roam this world, as she believe the world is for both the humans and animals to share and enjoy.

Mabel is also a Certified First Aider, having being trained in Standard First Aid and CPR + AED. 

In Mabel's words: "I always believe that this world will be a better place if we all learn to love and celebrate our differences rather than fight it. Afterall, this is what makes us all unique and this world a more interesting place to live in."

Reach out to Mabel at mabel@travel-wander.com today!

Associate Wanderers
Alvin Low.jpg Meet Alvin, a two-time finisher of the gruelling Ironman races. Alvin’s passion for cycling and the outdoors lead him to ditch his IT job of 10 years to pursue this passion full-time. When he started out, he was the pioneer in Singapore organising cycling holidays overseas. Boy! was it an uphill ride (pun intended) when he first started out, but his perseverance and tenacity paid off and cycling holidays became widely popular now.

Alvin enjoys everything outdoors and constantly engages in sports and fitness activities.

He has cycled in many countries around the world, from crossing the Himalayas, to the backroads in Myanmar from Inle Lake to Bagan, to cycling up Mont Ventoux in France and also the King of Mountain in Taiwan, just to name a few.

Apart from cycling, Alvin also loves high-altitude trekking and had been to the remote part of Tibet hiking in Mount Kailash. He has also climbed several mountains in excess of 5,500m in height, the highest being the Mera peak in Nepal which stands at 6,417m above sea level.

Travel Wander has the privilege of having Alvin on board to curate and lead some of our exciting cycling programmes. Find out more on our website!

EFDB5024.JPG Meet Shahul or Shah), an outdoor adventure enthusiast with great love for nature. Spending most of his work life travelling around the world has cultivated his love for exploring and learning. Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and camping are some of his interests and he is extremely comfortable and adapt easily in a natural environment.

Shah has recently led a team into the desired outdoors and adventure activities by climbing 27 peaks (ranging from lowest of 141 metres above sea level to 4,095 metres above sea level) and 3 cave exploration expeditions including river rafting.

Do not be fooled by Shah’s quiet demeanor, he is a poker-faced joker, always being the life of the party.

Though he loves outdoor adventure sports, you can forget about asking him to do things like bungee jump, skydiving or even taking a roller coaster, because he will be screaming his head off, and that is not good for his ‘manly’ image.

Shah is a nature conservation activist and is against the use of animal parts for the benefit of human profit. He believes in educating the younger generation, not only for the sake of mankind but for all life on earth in general.

Travel Wander is honoured to have Shah on board to curate and lead our hiking programmes in Malaysia. Find out more on our website!

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