Gunung Pulai – The Green Eden Close to Home

Gunung Pulai – The Green Eden Close to Home

Gunung Pulai is a popular hiking spot for Singaporeans looking to challenge themselves due to the well-marked tarmac roads. However, not known to many is that there is a mountain trail that brings you deep into the forest where you will get to enjoy lovely fresh air, see interesting faunas and views.

Our day started with a pit stop to buy some light lunch to be eaten at the summit of Gunung Pulai. When we arrived at the base of the mountain, it started to rain lightly but we were all prepared to conquer the rain and the summit. After gearing up and getting clearance from the park ranger, we did some light warm ups before proceeding with our hike.

Beautiful bluish black scorpion

The first thing we saw on our way into the forest is a huge scorpion! Its shimmering blue and black shell has captivated us and we were all snapping pictures excitedly. All of us in the group has not seen a wild scorpion before.

We continued with our journey and a short while later, our hike lead brought us to the forest trail entrance and it is exciting knowing that we are now entering the forest instead of just staying on the tar road.

Hiking along the forest trail is not that tough, but it is a long journey of up and down hills. Though not as physically draining, it does test your mental strength as each time we go downhill, it is like starting from scratch as we know we need to go uphill. It is not as straightforward as it seems! I guess it’s the same as life, there will always be ups and downs and we just need to push through.

The 3 musketeers

Throughout the hike it has been raining and drizzling, and surprisingly, the weather has been very cold (to me). I couldn’t stop shivering and regretted not bringing a waterproof jacket! This is Mother Nature’s reminder to me to not be complacent and always be prepared for the unexpected.

Despite the wet weather, our moods were not dampened! In fact, we are enjoying the cooling weather that we couldn't get back in Singapore.

Our resident tarzan

We reached the 3/4 summit point in the forest trail and had to get out onto the tarmac road where we continued up to the actual summit. The actual summit was heavily guarded and we can only peep from the outside. In the past, there was no gate and you can take a picture with the summit rock of Gunung Pulai.

Group picture taken at the 3/4 mark!

Viewpoint from the 3/4 mark!

Our summit shoefie!

We are all stars when we work together as a team!

There was a secret hiding place where we visited while descending, to take panoramic views of the area. I shall not disclose too much about this place, you have to find out for yourself when you hike with us the next time!

Hiking is so much fun especially when you get to hike it in a relaxing manner, enjoying the lovely views of nature. Join us next time?
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