In Search for WWII History, Royal Air Force B-24 Liberator

In Search for WWII History, Royal Air Force B-24 Liberator

Late last year we embarked on a hike to Gunung Telapak Buruk and Gunung Berembun of Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. This twin-mountain hiking expedition was in search for a WWII plane wreckage deep in the remote jungles.

Our hike lead went on this hike before but failed to locate the wreckage. This time around, we were determined to locate it and engaged a local mountain guide to lead us on the way.

We started the hike with a four wheel drive up Gunung Telapak Buruk due to forest restoration work of the initial planned route.

The route was manageable, nothing too technical, but it will be two hours before we reach the wreck site, so we entertained one another with our personal life stories to keep the morale up and momentum going.

Excitement rose when our mountain guide informed us that we are nearing the wreckage. It was a steep climb downwards into thick foliage before we saw the first bit of the wreckage.

There was a mix wave of feelings when we saw the plane; from trepidation to excitement to sadness, knowing that lives were lost whilst saving others. We each took some time to explore around, fascinated with this part of history and also the dense forestation around us.

As we aim to get to our campsite before dark, no time was wasted and we quickly proceeded on towards Gunung Berembun, with a short lunch break at the summit of Gunung Berembun.

The hike is a test of endurance as we trekked through heavy vegetation that seem never ending. The path was dotted with different markers and we were counting down along the way, hoping to see the campsite soon. When we heard the flow of the waterfalls, we couldn’t be happier! It means our campsite is nearing and with that, we fastened our pace.

It is back to basics when we arrive at our campsite. There are no toilets nor are there any built-up shelter. Everything had to be constructed from scratch by the local support team. It is a humbling and eye-opening experience for us city dwellers, one which we will remember for a long time.

Some of us freshened up in the cool waters nearby whereas others were preparing dinner for the night. 

Everyone called an early night as we had a long day and have to wake up again at the break of dawn. We had a quick breakfast and made our descend which was a quick affair of less than an hour.

We celebrated our hike and new friendship with a delicious seafood dinner at a kelong, a secret hunt only locals knew about. What a great weekend spent exploring a little bit of history and in the midst, creating our own.

This hike is suitable all year around and can be modified according to the difficulty level that you desire. Contact us if you are keen to explore more!
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