Mabel's Top 8 Active Trips for 2020!

Mabel's Top 8 Active Trips for 2020!

When I was planning our Wander Collection for year 2020, I was getting so excited because there are simply too many interesting trips lined up with different awesome experiences! I had a hard time trying to nail down 8 trips to share more about for this story hahaha. I would love to have you join me on these trips, creating new memories together!

Ipoh Food & Kinta River Cycling, 3 days from 14 February

Ipoh is a small charming town often overlooked because of her fancier and bigger sisters, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. This cycling trip showcases the beautiful nature of Ipoh that not many knew about. The ride along the Kinta River is dotted with farm animals such as cows, buffalos, and seasonal birds, and the ride in the old town allows us to explore the colonial central consisting of lavish architecture, former mansions transformed into hotels, quaint old streets and interesting cafes. Oh! The food included as part of the trip is not the usual food tourists patron. We will makan at places that the locals go to, with ambience full of history, and food full of flavours. Be warned though, your diet plans will go out the window during this trip!

Essence of Cambodia Ride, 5 days from 4 March

I love exploring South East Asia because of the rich history our region has, couple with beautiful scenery that not many are aware of. Cambodia is one such destination I love to visit, and cycling allows me to explore it more in-depth and at a slower pace as compared to a normal tour. This trip offers so many interesting experiences as we ride through small villages, the impressive Angkor complex and many scenic spots away from the hustle of the main town. There is also a short leisure hike into the lush Kbal Spean Jungle for some waterfall soaking and a relaxing sunset boat ride. Learning how to cook authentic Cambodian dishes is also a great souvenir to take back from the trip.

Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon RUN-cation, 5 days from 1 April

Running is an interest that I recently took up and I am so looking forward to running in the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon! Why? Imagine running under rows and rows of cherry blossom trees coupled with cool, crisp spring weather… oh what an enjoyable run it will be! Also, Gyeongju is known as the ‘museum without walls’ with its many historical and archeological sites, the most out of any cities in South Korea. I love learning more about a country through its history, culture, food, and this trip has it all!


Okinawa Cycling at Leisure, 6 days from 5 April

What’s not to like about Japan? The food, the culture, the scenery, the people, especially in Okinawa. Okinawa is known for her fresh seafood and vegetables, which is probably why they have the highest number of healthy Japanese who are well into their 80s and 90s! For this trip, we will cycle to some of the scenic sights at a leisure pace, spending more time enjoying the scenery, and visiting attractions such as the Busena Marine Park, the only underwater observatory tower in Okinawa island, Motobu Old Local Market and Orion Happy Park Beer Factory for beer sampling. I love beaches and Okinawa’s beautiful beaches is a major draw for me!

Lake Constance & Rhinefalls Ride, 7 days from 23 May

Switzerland offers one of the best cycling experiences in Europe. With her well-marked routes, bike friendly public transportation, beautiful old towns and magnificent scenery, it is not hard to see why! You will need to bring along a sense of adventure on this self-supported guided trip as we cycle through the Swiss countryside, visiting Lake Constance and the Rhine Falls along the way. We will get to see the real swiss culture as we travel away from the tourist hotspots, and soak in the quiet, fresh, country air.

Land of Genghis Khan Ride, 6 days from 5 August

This is our 2nd time running this trip and our first group of cyclists were still raving about their experience cycling in the vastness of Mongolia long after they have returned home! Many had withdrawal symptoms after they are spoilt with clear blue skies, green grasslands, massive space, no traffic (!) and cool summer weather, and could not get used to the hectic lifestyle back in Singapore! On this trip, you will get to taste the real nomadic lifestyle by staying in heated ger camps. During the ride, you will be served warmly cooked lunches and at the ger camps, deliciously cooked Mongolian cuisine. This is truly one ride not to be missed!


Cheorwon DMZ Intl Peace Marathon RUN-cation, 5 days from 11 Sep

It’s not often you get to ‘boast’ that you ran with the Korean army boys whilst pretending you are in some Korean drama, and this run-cation allows you to do just that, hahaha! The course is generally flat and the 21KM and 42KM route allows you to run into the demilitarized zone shared between South and North Korea which is only opened once every year to the public, for this run event. Scenery along the way is very pristine and you will get to see many golden rice fields and war ruins from the Korea War for the 21KM and 42KM routes. Right after the run, you will have time to enjoy a relaxing warm bath at a nearby bathhouse. As part of this run-cation, we will visit unique attractions such as the Alpaca World, the largest forest experience farm in South Korea, Nari Park, Samcheong-dong and thousand-year old Samhae Brewery, Seoul’s only dedicated traditional brewery operated by Master Kim Taeksang. All within 5 days, this trip is full of action!


Trek the Golden Fields of Sa Pa, 6 days from 24 Sep

When I first visited Sapa last year for the hike up Mount Fansipan, I was enthralled by the beauty of the rice terraces I saw whilst on the way from Hanoi to Sapa. It was not the harvesting season yet, so the rice fields are all green. Already, it was a magnificent sight to behold. This trip will be all about immersing in the local farmer’s culture as we trek through the routes they commute daily, venturing into the lesser explored trekking routes away from the ‘crowd’. There is also a homestay experience where the homeowner will prepare simple homecooked meals for our trekkers and provide us a place to stay for the night. This is also a great way to bring them supplementary income other than their rice harvest. There is another element of fun as we go on a motorbike tour to visit places where it is not as accessible by foot, covering more grounds of beautiful Sapa. The beauty of Sapa needs to be seen with your own eyes and I cannot wait to return back to experience it all again.


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